On November 5, 2013, the first and only company representing the Celac ( COMMUNITY OF LATIN AMERICAN AND CARIBBEAN STATES ) "CELAC International Trading, Project Management and Consulting" was officially incorporated.The Company will promote and protect the economic interests of the Celac member states by organizing trade missions and exhibitions ensuring that the companies of member states can locate international trade opportunities.Our mission is to promote CELAC member states’ products abroad and attract investment to the industries of the CELAC’s strategic economy. The Agency’s efforts are creating business platforms through prospective trade missions and business rounds supporting the participation of CELAC companies in major international trade fairs with the aim of introducing them to the productive structure and other selected CELAC Initiatives designed to strengthen CELAC’s great economic achievement brand. .We aim at attracting foreign direct investment into CELAC and seek to allocate resources in the industries of strategic relevance for the development of CELAC ,increase competitiveness of our companies and of the community itself. We are planning to set-up permanent trade fairs and exhibition places open year around in cities: such as Strasbourg (France), Istanbul (Turkey), Mecca (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and Los Angelas and Miami (United States), Toronto and Montreal (Canada) and Moscow (Russian Federation). New York (USA) and Astana (Kazakhistan) ,Havana (Cuba) and Seoul ( Korea),Osaka(Japan) ORLANDO SOTOLONGO-President

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On November5, 2013 the first and only company CELAC International Trading, Project Management and Consulting was officially incorporated.The Company plans promoting and protecting the economic interests of Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.Our Company will organize trade missions and exhibitions ensuring that the companies of member states of CELAC can locate international trade opportunities and promote CELAC member states’ products and services attracting investment to the industries of the strategic economic sectors of CELAC Our aim is to introduce our companies to the productive structure and other selected CELAC Initiatives designed to strengthen CELAC’s great economic achievement . LUCA G. SCANNURA


The last 15 yeaars's economic achievement has given Brazil the possibility to attract international students who came to study various subjects especially Language ,Agricultural engineering,Aerospace and aircraft engineering,Petroleum engineering . Aerospace Engineering deals with the design, construction, and study of the science behind the forces and physical properties of aircraft, rockets, flying craft, and spacecraft.Brazil is avery suitable country for the study of Aerospace Engineering for The world’s 4th manufacturer of Aircrafts EMBRAER is a brazilian company with headquarters at São José dos Campos, Brazil.The interested students may get an opportunity for internship at Embraer and petrobas through a special program.We are planning a special project to have new students to go through one year preparation porgram which will facilititate their admision to these schools. IBRAHIM CAKMAKCI


Latin American and Caribbean universities can give you great opportunity to study the subject you want and be the profession you wish to be and gain the priceless experience about the cultures of the region and taste the hospitality of its humble people.We can help you with the application,registration and admission.we as well have services such as Airport pick up, housing ,transportation and other local settlement assistance to help our students during their study period in Latin America and Caribbean so that you feel it home here.All you have to do is to contact us at and one of our educational consultans will get you the specific information you need.Our services is continuio so We will be with you always. TAKAAKI YOSHINO


Cuban Medical Services (SMC) is a state entity created to foment the relationships in the sphere of health between Cuba and other countries.It allows people of other organizations or governments with an agreement with this entity, the access to high quality health services in Cuba.It also offers attention to people that need it and that apply for it individually. Multidisciplinary teams conformed by doctors, nurses, technicians, engineers, technologists, psychologists, of high preparation and experience, constitute the essence of Servicios Médicos Cubanos; these professionals are distinguished for the human treatment to each patient and their relatives, the respect and the ethics in their daily practice. SMC has a net of 54 general and specialized hospitals endowed with the most modern technology recognized in the world.Our organization and Company 'Celac international'are authorized by SMC to promote their servcies since 2013 MYRIAM D.BRUGGER


The Special Economic Development Zone of Mariel is a project directed to encourage the nation’s sustainable economic development by attracting foreign investment, technological innovation and industrial concentration while at the same time ensuring environmental protection. It covers an area of 465.4 square kilometers (180 sq. mi.), 45 Km. (28 mi.) west of Havana. It has been conceived as an integral and harmonic whole connected with the rest of the economy. The Zone promotes and protects enterprises, industrial, agricultural, metal-mechanical and tourism projects and all types of activities permitted by Cuban law that use clean technologies and produce added value goods and services based on knowledge and innovation, encouraging the creation of quality employment that intellectually develops human capital within an environment of safety and good professional practices. ZEINA KHALAF


Do you know that the largest medical school in the world is in cuba? ELAM (escuela de medicina de latinamerica) is the largest medical school in the world and recognized by the world health organization and the sate of California of USA and many countries of Latin America and Europe such as Spain.UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM for the Medical school : the application process is very simple and fees are more affordable than other countries. The minimum requirements are: -High school diploma and transcripts -studying one year preperatory program at ELAM which icludes spanish language course - Studying total of 7 years ,after passing state exam and completing one year of internship in various fields,student is granted MD ( Medical degree) title.ELAM has various specialization porgrammes in the field of Oncology,dermatology and study of diabetics ORLANDO SOTOLONGO


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CELAC INTERNATIONAL TRADING,PROJECT MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING Havana merkezli Latin Amerika ve Karayip ulkeleri birligine acilan kapinizdir.


CELAC INTERNATIONAL işadamları, doktorlar ve uluslararasi ticaret alaninda yuksek tecrubeye haiz profosyeneller tarafindan kurulmus bir firmadir .


Firmamiz Latin Amerika ve Karayipler bolgesinde kamu ve ozel kurulus ve firmalara danismanlik hizmeti sunmaktadir.


Latin Amerika ve karayip ulkeleri egitim alaninda pek cok imkan sunmaktadir. Dilerseniz 600.milyondan fazla insanin ana dil olarak kulandigi ispanyolcuyu ogrenir ve istediginz alanda universite egitimi alabilirsiniz.Firmamiz egitiminiz suresince sizlere her turlu destegi bulunduguz ulkede kurmus oldugumuz ofisler aracigiyla vermeye haziriz.


Elam 'Dunyanin en buyuk tip fakultesi'
KUBADA TIP EGITIMI :Dunyanin en buyuk tip fakultesinin Kubada oldugunu biliyormuydunuz?Kisa adi ELAM olanLatin Amerikan Tip Fakultesi 1 yilligi hazirlik olmak uzere 7 yilllik egitimi muteakip lise mezunu ogrencilerimize doktor olma imkani veriyor.Mezun olan ogrencilerimizi saglik turizminde buyuk yatirimlar yapan ulkemizde calisma imkanlari beklemektedir.Kuba tip fakultelerinin egtim kalitesi Birlesmis Milletler Dunya Saglik orgutu yetkilileri tarafindan raporlarda belirtilmisdir.Daha fazla bilgi icin lutfen bizle temasa geciniz.

Necdet Hincal

EGITIM MASRAFLARI bir cok ulkeye oranla daha uygun olmakla beraber ,ucuz yasam giderleri ve universitelerde ki mevcut kontenJan kubada tip egitimini mumkun kilmaktadir. Ogrencilerimize kubaya vardiklari ilk gunden mezuniyet gunune kadar gecen surecde her turlu yardimi sunacak yerel destek ofisi projemizi hayata gecirmekteyiz.Hazirlik sinifi : 1 yil: 6000 US $ 1.yil :13.500 2.yil :13.500 3:yil :13.00 4.yil :13.000 5.yil :16.000 6.yil :16.000 Toplam egitim masrafi 85.000$ Ihtisas programlari :yillik 8.000-13.000 $ arasi Full time PhD:4 yil :20.000 $ Part time PhD:12.000$

Dr.Rizwan Sarwar

KAYIT ICIN GEREKLI EVRAKLAR: Lise mezuniyet diplomasi ve transkriptleri. Adli makamlardan alinan temiz belgesi. Ciddi anlamda saglik sorunu olmadigini gosteren saglik belgesi. 10 adet fotograf. Saglik sigortasi. Diploma ve transkripler firmamizca belirlenen tercume burolarinda tercume edilip kuba elciliginde tasdik ettirilicektir.Kuba bolgesiyle beraber dunyanin en guvenli bir ulkesidir.Simdiden sizlere Kubaya hosgeldiniz demek istiyoruz.Unutmayin Kuba kendine has onleyici tippi ogretmekle insanlarin ilk dogdugu andan itibaren saglikli bir yasam yasamasi icin gerekli her turlu onlemin alindigi bir sistemde sizi uzmanlastiriyor.

Zeina Khalaf